Tricia Wasney


Tricia Wasney is a jewellery-based artist living in Winnipeg. She has a BA in Film Studies and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Tricia developed her jewellery-making skills in Winnipeg and New York City and has participated in artist residencies in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Churchill, Manitoba. In her jewellery Tricia uses mainly sterling silver, employing various techniques to achieve form, texture and colour, often incorporating other metals, wool, paper, bones and organic materials. Much of her work is informed by landscape and memory. Tricia recently received grants from the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council to create jewellery-based work exploring family history, the landscape and implications of climate change. For Tricia, jewellery is at once the most private and the most public of art forms, revealing our relationships and affiliations, our desires and our anxieties, and our histories.

Tricia is a Citizen of Craft.

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