Tricia Wasney


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I am drawn to the narrative potential of jewellery to explore ideas and issues around social and cultural experience, loss, and our relationship to landscape. Jewellery is in some ways so common it is easy to overlook what a potent signifier it is, expressing our desires, evoking that which no longer exists, and signalling our affiliations. It is at once the most public and private of art forms. Township 13 reimagines a portion of an air photograph taken near Garson, Manitoba in sterling silver and other materials.The piece is a 6” by 6” “map” housed in a custom-made box. It is also sixteen wearable jewellery pieces.

Air photographs, taken at a distance and with the added layer of cloud cover, render the landscape as series of obscured shapes. I wanted to present a picture of the collision of geology and human intervention, some obvious, some concealed or buried. Like a photograph, the Township 13 map is an abstraction of the thing itself told from one perspective.

Sincere gratitude to the Manitoba Arts Council for their support in the creation of this project.